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Univera Website, I'm so excited!
A picture of my house, I'm in the bottom apartment

I'm so excited. Today I created my own Univera website. I just followed the instructions and presto there it was.  I really thought long and hard about the e-mail I sent to almost everyone on my e-mail address book.
I'm happy with what I wrote.
Then I read my horoscope for today and this is what it said.

Try not to get overwhelmed by the intense energy of the day, Marion. Instead of cowering away from it, use it as your fuel to keep the internal power raging internally. Your inner being has a tremendous amount of appeal that is sure to lead to the masses. Try not to get too bogged down with indecision. Remember that whatever path you choose is the right path. You can do no wrong.

This made me feel really good. Law of attraction and all that.

Now it is very late again but I'm going to watch "An Education." Then I'm off to bed.
I've had a great day.
The luncheon was excellent and I had a great chat with Debbie. Then I finally went to the laundry mat and laundered my spring bedspread and had a large Chai at the health food store "Amped on Nutrition." There I chatted with Norm Barker, Annet, and Deb. Then I watched American Idol and Oprah Winfrey and she had the cast of Glee on there. They were so good. I also enjoyed the PBS special on Buddah. It was great having an instant dinner of a green smoothie and my shrimp,vegie, rice burritos left over from my women's group potluck. Yesterday's women's group was so much fun. I loved seeing Shirley I, Gretchen P, Joyce E, Susan W, Anne D, Brenda D. and Susan W. I did miss having Pat L.(in China), Marie S. (in Ireland), and Connie O.(in Panama). We had a great potluck meal and then did a check-in and then played Rummikub in 3  teams of 2.  


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