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April 8th, I always get here too late to post on the right day
A picture of my house, I'm in the bottom apartment
I had a good day. I got up and started to watch "An Education." But then decided to eat breakfast, do e-mails, and catch up on mail. I had a doctor's appt. at 11 o'clock. It was a good session and lasted a hour and a half. I got a lot of things off my chest.
Then it was off to the dentist at 1:50. My dentist Paul is such a good guy. He put thin caps on my front two teeth and on my right eye teeth. Wow, what a difference. Nice white teeth for my smile now. I'll get the lower left tooth that's grey done next year. I only have $365 left on my dental plan to use this year and I have another cleaning session booked.
I then went to Campbell River for a shopping expedition. My dear friend Gerry L. picked me up. It was fun taking the water taxi instead of the ferry because they are fixing the dock from April 6th until the 10th. I got a external hard drive, a new 32 " HD LC television, and some clay plant pots, and groceries. I have taken "sale" shopping to an art. I'm going to use the plant pots to plant vegetables on my slate sun deck. It will be my own little garden balcony style.
I finally finished "An Education" tonight and also watched The Mentalist, The Vampife Diaries, and TMZ. I loved the movie "An Education". I especially liked the actresses portrayal of the lead character. (Kate Mulligan I think.)
Time to do some more tapping EFT - and then hit the sack. I have fitness class tomorrow at 8:30 AM. I tapped while I was in the dentist chair to calm me down. It worked.


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