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A sunny cold day with frost in the air and a nip in the wind.
A picture of my house, I'm in the bottom apartment
I got up to a cold crisp day and off I went to aerobics. Jeannie led a lively class and I enjoyed talking to Marci, Joy Bird, Marian M., Karen, and Jeannie S. The music was good and I worked up a sweat. I then went to the Lovin Oven for mint tea and a muffin. It was nice meeting two new ladies from Open Bay. I picked up my univera supplies and vitamins and supplements from Dr. Mercola. Then I came home and took a whole bunch of photographs of flowers and posted them to friends and family. Then I did a bunch of Univera e-mails and had a smoothie for lunch. I wrote Jen, Carol HB, sister Carol, and Dean. On the way home from the tea break I stopped into Loca and bought two tops for myself and a ticket to the fashion show on May 7th. I had a great talk with the owner Sam about Tara's art and about another girl named Lina's art which is very similar to Tara's. I then stopped at Tinkerbell's thrift shop and got 2 bags full of clothes, a candleholder, and a book all for $5. What a deal.
I had a nice talk with Gerry at 8:30 and had a late supper of sockeye salmon and balsamic marinated mushrooms, tomatoes, hot sauce, asparagus, and a green smoothie and my supplements. I watched part of The Ghost Whisperer and The Medium and then headed to the HBI at about 10:35 to see the Hal Douglas Band featuring Hal, Steve Moore on drums, Adam McGuffie on base, and Dave Blinzinger on sax, with Julie Frank sitting in on some songs. It was great dancing music. I danced with Christine Husson, Debbie, Maria, Colleen, and Paul Bishop. I had two corona's with lime and one light beer in a glass from on tap.
I stayed until last call and the last set of music.
What a beautiful starry night it was but OOOH was it COLD!!!!
Now at home I'm going to watch a movie and stay up late because I'm full of energy. I'm going to watch the classic The Three Faces of Eve with Joanne Woodward, Lee J. Cobb and David Wayne. For her impressive portrayal of a woman with multiple personality disorder in The Three Faces Of Ev, Joanne Woodward brought home the 1957 gest actress Oscar.


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