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April 11th, it was a sunny glorious day again.Yeah!
A picture of my house, I'm in the bottom apartment
What a glorious day. I slept in after going to bed late. Didn't get out of bed until 9:30. Got up and had a long shower and deep conditioned my hair and put a mask on my face for 30 min. Really spoiling myself.
I had a green fruit smoothie for breakfast. Then I headed to the community center around 2 PM hoping to catch the meditation workshop in the yoga room. It must have been at a different place or time because nothing was happening there. So I came home and had another smoothie for lunch. Then I called and e-mailed my women's group about a hike on the full Kay Dubois Trail. Only Anne D. and Shirley I. ended up going. It was fun walking with them and my knee didn't hurt until we were walking down the hill to Wa Wa Kie.
I then had lentil soup for dinner and another glass of smoothie. I phoned all my OAP folks to get a count for the elder social club at the HBI on Monday. I got 7 confirmed people. I love talking to 102 yr. old Wyn Goldstraw. She is so funny and sweet. Then I phoned Sharon and Gerry. Then Christine phoned me.
We had a good talk. Then I watched the rest of Orphan - a scary horror flick. It was a 2 hr. movie. I then watched Cold Case and did the dishes that have been piled up for days.
Now it's time to hit the hey. I've done a lot of e-mail communicating today too.
Good to connect with Carol HB again.
Thank you divine for another blessed day!
I'm going to EFT tap for back pain and a good sleep before I go to bed.


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