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Great women's group meeting
A picture of my house, I'm in the bottom apartment
Tonight our women's group met for the first time this year. We had a great meeting. We all chatted for a while and ate appetizers (Joyce E.)& drank wine and then retired to the kitchen for our potluck dishes. Shrimp wraps(Marion), chicken noodle salad(Anne), taboleh(Shirley), green salad (Brenda D.), and egg fritata with spinach and potatoes, and Susan W. made a fruit trifle with angel food cake, whip cream, and fruit.
After dinner we talked some more and then played Rummikub in three teams of two. I played with Anne, Shirley and Joyce worked together, and Susan W. and Gretchen played together. It was fun working in teams.
Shirley and Joyce won. Then we talked about controversial topics. We ended the meeting determined to set up Sunday walks again.

I came home and watched the end of The Goodwife.
Then I did more e-mails and ordered things for Joyce B. on-line.
Tonight I'm going to bed by 12:30 PM. I'll only write in my bedtime journal and read for 15 min.
Blessings to all.


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