What a great day. No rain, just gray and cloudy.Perfect for a walk and reading a book.
A picture of my house, I'm in the bottom apartment
Well I got up early and put together my new total gym XLS. I'm excited about using it. Then I responded to e-mail and facebook queries. What a fun way to stay in contact with people all over. I watched today's Ellen show and as usual she was so so funny. Then I watched my weakness Y& R and it was an exciting drama type show today. Then I watched Dr. Oz which is always informative about health issues. Then I watched The Doctors. I had a great phone call with Joyce Baker and was so pleased to be able to tell her she didn't have to come and help me as I was ready to do things on my own. I have a huge stack of dishes to do and laundry after four days without water. It's also time for a good vacuuming. I also have set up a walk for 1 PM with Lynda Bell via Facebook. I want to walk the whole Kay Dubois trail. Then I'll work out on my new total gym this afternoon for a half hour too. I have to make a seafood dish for my women's group as well which is at Susan's house at 5 PM. It is our first meeting of the year. I can't wait to see everyone and having Joyce E. there will be a big bonus. I'm also looking forward to having a hot tub. I hope the rain holds off.
In blessings and light, may all have a good day.

Tuesday, April 6
A picture of my house, I'm in the bottom apartment
It is 2:53 in the morning and I'm finally finishing up all my computer work. I have had a great day.
I've got to quit staying up this late, but I sure got a lot done.
Blessings to all, in light and love, Marion
Yeah, it's a starry night. Maybe it will be sunny today.


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